Fiber makes everything better.
Streaming, Smoother
Gaming, Faster
Remote Work, Easier  

Why Opzix?

High-Speed Back Bone   

Our network backbone is built for the modern day in the modern day. We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of technology giving you the best 

Top-tier reliability   

Our support team is trained in many scopes of the company, we are constantly monitoring for issues to give you the best customer experience. 

Fast. Stupid Fast

With speeds up to 2.5 Gigabit, The Opzix experience is anything beyond what you have experienced before. Download and Upload   

Wifi that covers your whole home

With our managed WIFI experience, your whole home will be covered in blazing fast wireless internet. And our wonderful support team is right there to help you if it doesn't.  

Simply better internet for a better tomorrow